Queen's Ferry Press

Queen's Ferry Press
8622 Naomi St
Plano, TX 75024

Queen’s Ferry Press was founded in August 2011 with the aim of offering writing that conveys via its structuring and interpretation. As an independent press specializing in collections of literary fiction, Queen’s Ferry is influenced by a Scottish coastal estuary through which crossings have occurred for over a thousand years, and the two bridges that currently span its waters and link towns. As such, Queen’s Ferry Press concerns itself with the construction of narrative vehicles. We are intrigued by the practice and function of fabrication, whether resulting in leading-edge compositions akin to feats of modern engineering or more traditional groupings suggestive of time-honored assemblage. At Queen’s Ferry Press, bricolage as a means of physical crafting and emotional connection is celebrated.

Queen’s Ferry titles are now distributed by SPD and can be found in independent bookstores across the country.

Please direct all inquiries to the publisher, Erin McKnight, at publisher@queensferrypress.com.