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The Sin Eater and Other Stories

by Elizabeth Frankie Rollins


Damage suffuses The Sin Eater and Other Stories. From within Elizabeth Frankie Rollins’ construct of the blighted home an adulterous husband calls on the services of a stranger to expunge his guilt, a young couple is diagnosed with the bubonic plague, and a bored woman finds herself growing a tail. Yet these others don’t dwell; instead, they frame themselves in a way that is sound in structure and sentiment and plunges them from metaphor into modern-day marvel. In the evocative stories of this debut collection, even the tightest crevices dazzle with restorative possibility.

Sin Eater Author Explores Unsettled World” – Watch an interview with The Sin Eater & Other Stories author Frankie Rollins and illustrator Ben Johnson by Arizona Public Media’s Luis Carrión

REVIEWS for The Sin Eater and Other Stories:

The Sin Eater and Other Stories is “brimming with moments of dreamlike disorientation and wonder. . . . Unsettling imagery and hauntingly beautiful language characterize these stories, as ephemeral and indefinable as dreams.”

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“In the vein of Aimee Bender, Kevin Brockmeier, and Amelia Gray, Elizabeth Frankie Rollins’ debut collection tightropes the line between domesticity and apocalypse. . . The Sin Eater & Other Stories makes everyday reality fascinating by—in the words of Robert Scholes—revealing the imaginary catastrophe that lies behind it.”
—Laura I. Miller for the Sonora Review

“Rollins . . . shows uncanny skill in securing the right ingredients and calibrating them to powerful, haunting effect.”
—Jarret Keene for the Tucson Weekly

“In each of Rollins’ thirteen stories, her scribing ferries the reader to surreal lands of odd circumstances that somehow ring with unexpected normalcy. You are this character, you’ve lived this life. . . . This is masterful storytelling.”

—Jamie Manser in Zocalo Magazine

PRAISE for The Sin Eater and Other Stories:

“The way the human condition—with all its difficult, marvelous details: solitude, interruptions, loves—is constellated in these stories by Elizabeth Frankie Rollins reframes the vast space between ourselves and others. Where seemingly there is nothing in the spaces between, here we read compassion through attention. This book performs its title, visits us like a Sin Eater in the night, so that we all might learn better how to rest in peace even as we live with all of our messy love, hope, and desire.”

—SELAH SATERSTROM, author of The Meat and Spirit Plan

“A few years ago I heard Elizabeth Rollins present ‘The New Plague’ at a reading. I thought back then that it was the best story I had heard in a long, long time. Rereading it, I still think it is one of the best stories ever. And I am happy to report that the rest of this book is pretty darn awesome. Rollins has vision, voice, and heart, and an ear for what disturbs and what restores us. Anyone with an interest in what’s really going on in new American fiction should read her work.”

—REBECCA BROWN, author of American Romances

“In this brilliant and riveting collection of stories Frankie Rollins provides a courageous and intimate glimpse of the human psyche in distress. We are magnetized to plague, secret anatomy, and the allure of inexplicable impulses which blur reality with the uncanny. In The Sin Eater and Other Stories we encounter a haunting text which lingers on the tongue, and an adept talent in the tradition of the best of storytellers—which strikes the reader as both new and yet reassuringly familiar—a voice one is immediately compelled to trust.”

—LAYNIE BROWNE, author of Roseate Points of Gold

“Rollins’ first collection places her solidly in the company of writers such as Aimee Bender, Kevin Brockmeier, and Deborah Eisenberg. The trapdoors in her stories are impeccably placed. Rollins knows all too well the beautiful, dangerous, bewildering human heart, and her stories live in the lulls between its beats. ”

—ROY KESEY, author of Pacazo and All Over

The Sin Eater consumed me night after night, enchanting me with its shape-shifting tales. This debut collection from spellbinder and fairy-tale marvel Elizabeth Frankie Rollins is a prophetic and wonderful book.”

—KATE BERNHEIMER, author of Horse, Flower, Bird

“Elizabeth Frankie Rollins has drawn back the bowstring of apocalypse and let her arrow tales fly—a terrific debut collection that always hits its mark.”

—BRENT HENDRICKS, author of A Long Day at the End of the World