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The route is the same, but this narrative journey feels very different. As an imprint of Queen's Ferry Press, firthFORTH Books specializes in publishing fiction that immerses the reader at the narrowest, deepest point of passage.

Cover art by Nick Howard
Invisible Daughter
John Colburn

Pages of light, John Colburn’s Invisible Daughter is an incandescent folding of language and meaning. In 1979 Minnesota, a town happened. A tale was told. Two boys became finders. Of ancestry and adolescence, of metaphor and myth. In this poetic incantation, every loosening of place and time proves as dazzling as it is destructive, a sharp illumination of both the deficiencies and generative possibility of interior darkness.

The collection is reviewed by Hazel & Wren and Believe the Hype.

John Colburn is originally from Mantorville, MN, and is an editor and co-publisher for Spout Press. His poetry chapbook Kissing was published by Fuori Editions in 2002. A second chapbook, The Lawrence Welk Diaries, appeared from WinteRed Press in 2006. He lives in Minneapolis. With his wife, the poet Sarah Fox, he tends The Center for Visionary Poetics. He is also a member of the improvised music collective Astronaut Cooper’s Parade.